Residential Customers

The ECUA provides water, wastewater, and sanitation service to most areas of Escambia County.

Residential customers moving into existing homes may apply for service either by phone, email or in person.

Security deposits are required for water and wastewater services (see rates) prior to service being turned on.  These deposits will be credited to the account after 24 months of good payment history.  A deposit is not required for the sanitation service.

If you are building a new home, certain impact fees and connection fees are required for services prior to obtaining a building permit.  It will be necessary to visit our office to complete this transaction.

For All Services:

Our General Customer Service Line: (850) 476-0480
Customer Service phone lines are open:
Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Our Ellyson Customer Service office is open:
Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Ellyson Industrial Park
9255 Sturdevant Street
Pensacola, FL 32514

(Please remember to provide your service address and a daytime contact phone number in your e-mail inquiry.)
When calling Customer Service the wait time to reach a Customer Service Representative may be shorter during off-peak times. Mondays, especially after holiday weekends, are extremely busy. If the nature of your call is not a pressing matter and can possibly be addressed later in the week, we recommend waiting a day or two for faster service. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions.
New Accounts
When applying for a new account, the customer should be prepared to present some form of identification (driver's license, Military ID card, Florida ID card or student ID card) and a check or cash in payment of deposits and fees.

A new water or wastewater customer will receive next-day service if the order is placed prior to 4:30 p.m. The customer will receive service within two days if the order is placed after 4:30 p.m. Same-day service is available for an additional fee if the order is placed prior to 4:30 p.m.

As an ECUA customer, you understand that it is your responsibility to have the residence ready to receive water with all faucets, including washing machines and ice makers, turned off, or that someone should be present when the water service is turned on.

As an ECUA customer, you agree to have the requested service location ready to receive water service.

As an ECUA customer, you agree to hold the ECUA harmless and not responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of water being turned on at the requested service location.

New Service Requests:

Water Service

Water rates are structured to cover the cost of providing services. Following are current rates, which are subject to change based on ECUA Board action.

Mainland Water Rates

Water rates consist of a minimum monthly charge and a usage charge that apply to all customers having active service. The minimum monthly charge for a single-family residence is $12.42. The rate for usage is $2.54 per thousand gallons of water used.  For additional rate information on different meter sizes, go to rates.

Sewer Service

 Your monthly sewer charges are based on the average number of gallons of water you use during the winter months. The first meter reading on or after November 15 of each year will start your averaging period. Sewer averaging will continue through the next three months.

Mainland Sewer Service Rates

Sewer rates are calculated based on water consumption. The charge for wastewater service to customers is a minimum monthly fee of $14.13 which includes 2,000 gallons of usage (consumption). Monthly consumption in excess of 2,000 gallons is charged at the rate of $7.71 per thousand gallons. Monthly consumption for residential wastewater customers is capped at 15,000 gallons per month.  For additional rate information on different meter sizes go to rates.
For Pensacola Beach water and sewer rates, go to rates
Budget Billing Plan
Budget Billing Criteria
1.  There shall be a minimum of 12 months previous service by the ECUA to the customer at the location where the Budget Billing Plan is to be implemented.
2.  The Budget Billing Plan will be calculated based on the total bill charges over the last 12 months and divided by 11.  The budget payment will be made monthly until the settle-up month.
3.  The customer shall have no cut-offs due to non-payment over the last twelve months.
4.  The account balance must be paid in full to initiate the Budget Billing Plan.
Budget Billing Rules
1.  Normal collection procedures shall be applicable if a customer fails to make a payment or to have sufficient
funds available for the monthly budget payment.  Customers may be removed from the budget billing plan for failure to make current payments; the plan may not be reinstated for one year thereafter.
2.  If service is terminated to a customer that is on the Budget Billing Plan, the customer shall be removed from the plan and the entire outstanding amount shall be due and payable.
3.  The monthly Budget Billing amount may be adjusted at the option of the ECUA prior to the settlement month if the customer’s bill increases substantially.
4.  The customer may elect to terminate the Budget Billing Plan at any time by notifying the ECUA and by paying the entire outstanding balance on the account.  Budget Billing may not be reinstated for one year thereafter.
5.  The annual settle up month will be October; deferred balances will be due immediately and deferred credits will apply to the account for future bills.
6.  The Budget Billing Plan will automatically continue from review period to review period unless terminated by either party.
7.  Rates are subject to change without prior notice based on ECUA Board action.
8.  ECUA, at its discretion, reserves the right to terminate (remove) the customer from the Budget Billing Plan.  


What Can I Place in My Recycling Can?

Yes! Please Recycle These Items:

  • Glass; any color 
  • Newspaper & Inserts 
  • Magazines & Catalogs
  • Junk Mail & Envelopes 
  • Cardboard 
  • Phone Books
  • Office and School Papers (colored paper) 
  • Brown Paper Bags (grocery)
  • Boxboard (cereal, cake & cracker boxes, etc.) 
  • Pizza Boxes
  • Plastic Produce Clamshells 
  • Plastics No. 1 through 7
  • Plastic Milk Jugs; 2-Liters; bottles and containers 
  • Aluminum Cans & Lids 
  • Pet Food Cans and Dry Pet Food Bags 
  • Aluminum Foil Baking Pans
  • Balls of Tin Foil; Foil Pie Tins 
  • Tin and Steel Cans & Lids
  • Metal Pots, Pans & Cookie Sheets 
  • Egg Cartons, Cardboard only at this time

No! Do Not Recycle These Items:

  • No Plastic Bags - Please check with your local grocery stores to see if they collect plastic bags for recycling.
  • No Empty Plastic Bags 
  • No Ice Cream Cartons
  • No Waxy/Paper Milk Cartons 
  • No Aerosol Cans 
  • No Juice Boxes / Bags 
  • No Garbage or Yard Waste 
  • No Garden Hoses 
  • No Window Blinds
  • No Tarps 
  • No Bedding or linens
  • No Carpeting or Rugs 
  • No Construction Materials 
  • No Clothes
  • No Diapers

Bulk Recycling Program- Please call for pick up

  • Car and Truck Tires (No Equipment Tires)
  • Car and Truck Batteries 
  • 20 lb. Propane Tanks 
  • Appliances 
  • Large Amounts of Cardboard 
  • Household Electronics Including: Computer Monitors (CRTs and Flat Panels); Televisions (CRTs and Flat Screen); Computers: Desktop and Laptop, including Computer Parts, Keyboards, Mouse, Printers, Scanners, and Copy Machines; Stereos, Radios, CD Players, and Tape Players, VCRs; Telephones, Cell Phones, Fax Machines; Video Game Systems, Rechargeable Batteries




Bulky Waste Pick-up Services-    No call necessary

Bulky items that will be picked up on your normal garbage day:

Furniture, such as: Couch, Mattress, Desk, Chairs, Dresser; Rugs and carpets; Vacuum Cleaners; Bicycles; Bags of Clothes; Grills; and Toilets.

Customers are not required to call to schedule or receive a pick-up. Items should be placed at the curb by 5:30 a.m. on the regular collection day, but no sooner than 48 hours before the collection day.

Pile the bulky waste items(s) at curbside, in an area that is free of overhanging tree limbs, wires and/or cable boxes, and being careful not to block traffic.ECUA will collect one (1)  6’ W x 6’ D x 6’ H pile of bulk items weekly.


Sanitation Services

The ECUA provides solid waste, recycling, and yard trash collection to residential properties within the unincorporated area of Escambia County. The ECUA service area includes all of Escambia County with the exception of the City of Pensacola and the Town of Century.  Residential and Commercial Dumpster service is also available through the ECUA by calling the Customer Service Center at (850) 476-0480.
Residential Sanitation Services
Request a Service
Curbside Recycling Program FAQ's
Yard Trash Pick-up Information
ECUA Bulky Recycling Program FAQ's
2019 Escambia County Holiday Collection Schedule
Sanitation Rates

Beginning October 1, 2017, the monthly charge for sanitation service to residential customers is $22.38 for three pick-ups per week – one pick-up of household refuse, one pick-up of recyclables (requires sign-up to participate), and one weekly pick-up of yard trash. The 90-gallon containers used for garbage and recycling in our automated system are provided free of charge by the ECUA.
Up to three additional 90-gallon containers are available for $3.73 per month per container.

All ECUA residential sanitation customers may now, for an additional charge, call ECUA customer service to request an additional pick-up of their garbage can.  This service is intended to assist customers who may have an unusually high volume of garbage on a pick-up day.  This service is offered only on the regularly scheduled collection day or the following business day.  For example, if your collection day is Friday you can schedule an extra pick-up for Friday (a second pick-up after your normal service) or on Monday.
The charge for this service is $7.01 per can, per pick-up.  Please contact ECUA Customer Service at 476-0480 for more details or to schedule this service.

Senior Rate and Senior Lifeline Rate

The ECUA offers two refuse collection discount services for senior citizens meeting certain guidelines. The purpose of the special program is to provide senior citizens with a limited residential garbage collection service at a discounted service fee based on the traditionally lower volume of refuse generated by seniors. The two special refuse collection services are the Senior Citizen Lifeline Rate and Senior Citizens Rate.
Current Senior Citizen Lifeline Rate $10.66 (Must use 40-gallon garbage container)
Current Senior Citizen Rate $17.86 (Must use 40 or 60-gallon garbage container)

For further details, or to sign up for these programs, please call our Customer Service Center at (850) 476-0480.
Special Sanitation Services

Request a Service:

For your convenience, simply email* the to request any of the following services:
*Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public-records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact ECUA by phone or in writing.
When making your request for service, please include your name, service address and a daytime telephone number. This information will expedite the service.

  • Garbage, recycling or yard trash missed
  • Missing garbage/recycling can
  • Damaged garbage/recycling can
  • When are my collection days? (Map)  Pensacola Beach is no longer picked up on Fridays, they're now picked up on Mondays.

Yard Trash Pick-Up Information:
  • Do not use your garbage or recycling can for yard waste. Yard waste is collected separately from household garbage.
  • Place bagged, bundled, or canned yard waste within two feet of the curb and away from the street/road.
  • Small yard waste, leaves, pine straw and grass clippings must be contained in standard garbage containers or plastic bags that do not exceed 32 gallons in size or weigh more than 40 pounds when full. The ECUA will collect up to 20 plastic yard trash bags or cans each week.
  • Cut limbs should not exceed six feet in length or 40 pounds in weight, and must be bundled in two piles of no more than 6’ W x 6’ D x 6’ H piles.
  • Yard Waste, as defined by the ECUA Sanitation Program, includes: leaves, pine straw, grass clippings and small prunings.

Residential Cooking Grease Disposal Program (FOG)

Disposing of household grease correctly is essential to ensure that your home's plumbing and ECUA sewer lines don't get "all choked up." Pouring cooking grease down the drain is not recommended because as grease cools, it hardens, leading to "chokes" in your plumbing or sewer line. Even though we live in a warm climate, many fats harden at room temperature.
 The aim of ECUA's Grease Disposal Program is to help our customers capture and dispose of their cooking grease in an environmentally safe and effective way. Please return the used oil to the container it came in (if possible), or pick up a grease container that you can use to store and dispose of household cooking grease (see locations below). Return your filled container to any of the designated locations, and exchange it for an empty container, ready to repeat the process. It’s that simple!
Thanks for helping us keep sewer lines and your home’s plumbing clear and unclogged.  For more information, please call ECUA Customer Service at (850) 476-5110.
Residential Cooking Grease Disposal Program Sites:

Residential Cooking Oil and Grease Disposal Sites

Keep Pensacola Beautiful
9 West Blount Street

315 West Garden Street

ECUA at Ellyson Industrial Park
9255 Sturdevant Street

ECUA Sanitation Department
3050 Godwin Lane

ECUA Bayou Marcus Water Reclamation Facility
3050 Fayal Drive

Pensacola Beach Via de Luna Drive
53 Via DeLuna Drive

Adjacent to ECUA Pensacola Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Aboard NAS Pensacola (Military and Base Personnel ONLY)
1813 Davis Road
NAS Corry Field Housing 4120 Press Avenue

Perdido Key
12950 Gulf Beach Highway

Grocery Advantage
736 Hwy 29 North, Cantonment 

Terminating Your Water, Sewer or Sanitation Services:

Please contact ECUA Customer Service when you are ready to close your account.
You will need to provide a termination date and a forwarding address for your final bill, which will be mailed with the balance due on the account.  Once the account has been closed, any deposit left on the account will be applied towards the final bill.
If your final bill had a credit balance of $5.00 or more, a refund check for the amount of the credit will be mailed with the final bill.  Final accounts with credits less than $5.00 do not generate a final bill and will be refunded by customer request only.

Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:    Where is the ECUA Customer Service office located?
Answer:       We are located at 9255 Sturdevant Street inside Ellyson Industrial Park, approximately ½ mile north of West Florida Hospital on North Davis Highway

Question:    Is there a security deposit required for water, wastewater or Sanitation services?
Answer:       Security deposits are required for water and wastewater accounts and amounts are determined based on the services provided. (See rates).

Question:    Can I view my bill online?
Answer:       Yes! ECUA has established a new service where you can view your bill online, including amount due, payment history, and consumption history.  Click here for access to this service. This service is generally available 24 hours-a-day.

Question:    What are my payment options?
Answer:       Current bills with no past due amount can be mailed to: P. O. Box 15311, Pensacola Florida 32514
You can also make your payment by phone using E-Z Pay at 1-855-329-0911 or online at

Question:    When does sewer averaging begin?
Answer:       Sewer averaging starts with the first meter reading taken on or after November 15th and continues for 90 days after the start date.  Reminders will be included with your bill as the averaging period gets closer.