Frequently Asked Questions About Employment


Q.     Where do I go to fill out a job application at ECUA?

A.    All applicants must apply online at .  We no longer accept hard copy applications.  If you do not have access to the internet from home, please visit any Workforce Escarosa office or your local library.


Q.     How do I apply for a job online?

A.    Please go to our “Employment” page and click on “Online Application Process” for instructions and details.  Please keep in mind every applicant must first create a user name and password to get started and these instructions will step you through it.  Please remember to write down your user name and password and keep it where you can find it in the future.  


Q.     If I have forgotten my user name and or password, how I can get it?

A.     You must at least remember the email address you used when you created your user account, and it must be a current email address for which you still have access.  Return to our “Employment” page and click on”Login or Create Your Account”.  Then click on “I forgot my User Name and or Password”, enter your email address, and click “send user name”.  You will then receive an email giving you the user name you created when first setting up your account.  Once you have your current user name, and if you still don’t remember the password you used for this account, return to the “Login or Create Your Account” and follow the prompts to have the system “reset” your password. If you cannot remember the email address you first used, or the email address is no longer an active account, you will need to start over.  If this is the case, PLEASE write down the user name and password you create, and keep it someplace safe!


Q.     After I have submitted my application for consideration, how long does it take before I hear anything from ECUA?

A.  Via email, our online application process will automatically advise you of the status of your            application as it is received, reviewed, selected, or if it fails to meet our requirements.


Q.     How will I find out if I have been selected for an interview?

A.     To check the status of your online application return to our “Employment” page, login to your account, click on “Application Status”, and then click on “Status” and you will find the detail under the “Evaluation Step”. If you have been selected for an interview you will be contacted.


Q.     I don’t understand why I was screened out when I met all of the minimum requirements for the job?

A.    The supplemental questions every applicant is required to answer when applying for a job online, are designed to filter out applicants that do not meet the minimum requirements of the job.  If your answer to a supplemental question does not meet the minimum requirements of the job, your application will not pass to the next level. 


Q.     Can I change an answer to a supplemental question after I have already submitted my application and applied for a job?

A.     No.  However, if the job posting has not yet closed when you discover your incorrect answer to a supplemental question, you will need to login to your account, correct your application if necessary, and reapply for the same job.  This time, when answering the same supplemental questions, make sure to select the answer that accurately reflects your case. 


Q.     If I smoke or chew tobacco, but I agree to not smoke or chew tobacco while at work, am I eligible to work at ECUA?

A.    No.  All offers of employment are contingent upon the candidate successfully passing a nicotine test.