Live Green

We hear about some aspect of "living green" almost daily. Support for the idea has become almost second nature. But what does it all mean?

The goal of living a greener lifestyle is to become more energy smart, earth smart, health smart, and water smart. In other words, strive to minimize our use of non-renewable energy, water, and other natural resources.

The ECUA is by no means the first or only local company to make a commitment of environmental improvements, but changes are being introduced, especially in the “Green Technology” arena.

The Authority has implemented key sustainable projects; composting, recycling (commercial and residential), bulk and curbside waste pickup, wastewater treatment, water conservation, reuse of reclaimed water, that eliminates the need for any discharge into local surface waters, and the development of a fleet of vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) .  

We’ve also introduced “Green Features” into our new buildings, xeriscaping, reclaimed water irrigation, insulated windows, vapor barriers, low volume fixtures, touch on/off fixtures, tankless water heating, heat pumps, high-efficiency lamps, motion sensor controls, and an emergency management system.

Living Green is all about making choices and taking action to lead healthier and more sustainable lives. The ultimate impact of these efforts won’t be known for years, but collectively, they make it loud and clear that the ECUA views green and clean innovations as our path forward to becoming “ECO-Friendly.”